Sunday, May 28, 2006

My prediction for the next two years: Apple, Symantec, McAffee, Oracle etc. will get pounded into the ground by lots of bugs being found and disclosed through security researchers that are looking for easier targets than the current MS codebase. And the abovementioned companies won't have monopoly revenue to throw around and fix the issues.

This is a big opportunity for MS to move into all their markets :-) and sell their products as superior on the security side.

While I am in "evil" mood: The german train system is about to be IPO'ed, and there's a lot of debate going on here about details of the contract. What is most interesting but not being debated:
All real estate owned by the Deutsche Bahn AG (the privatized version of the german train system that is going to be floated) is in the books with it's value upon acquisition -- meaning it's value in 1935. The real estate in possession of the DB is, by today's value, worth several times more than the total money they expect to get out of the IPO.

If I was an investment banker, I'd gang up with a bunch of private equity folks, buy the majority in the DB AG once it is IPO'd, and then sell of the real estate. Other countries (USA, Britain) survive without a decent train system, too, and I wouldn't care as I'd have a Rolls and a driver.

Allright, enough of the devil's advocate mode. It was fun seeing my brother the last weekend,
and we always come up with good ideas ;)

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