Saturday, July 07, 2007

It seems that this country is spinning out of control. We barely have the economy back on track, and now our interior minister is fighting ghosts with flamethrowers:

This link refers to an interview with him where he proclaims that:
  • Germany should create the status of 'enemy combatant' and allow interning 'dangerous elements'
  • The 'targeted killing of suspects' is not in discord with our constitution, but a 'legal problem' that hasn't been 'fully clarified'
I have to admit that while I was critical about the fact that the Bush-Administration skipped due process and a host of other essential liberties in the Guantamo/Black Interrogation Sites affair, I was not all-too-concerned -- after all, after the next election the entire thing would've been rolled back and similar madness made impossible for the next n years. I am quite shocked that our interior minister, in desparate need for some agenda, would like to outdo the Bush Administration exactly at a point in time where these policies should be thoroughly discredited.

Time to write a letter to the representative in the german congress...sigh....

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Unknown said...

As an american, I wish you the greatest of luck in stopping this maddness!