Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Conspiracy theory of the day:

As everyone, I am following the US primaries, and occasionally discussing with my brother on the implications of the developments for the wider world. My brother is usually good for quite some counter-intuitive insights into things, and described to me a "conspiracy theory" that I find amusing/interesting enough to post here.

Please be aware that the following is non-partisan: I do not really have an idea on whether I'd prefer Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama or Mr McCain in the white house, and this is not a post that is intended to weigh in on either side.

I was a bit puzzled on why Mrs Clinton is still in the primary race even though her mathematical odds on winning the democratic nomination seem slim. The conspiracy theory explaining this is the following:

The true goal now for Mrs Clinton is now 2012, not 2008. If Mr Obama wins the nomination _and_ the presidency, Mrs Clinton will very likely not become president in her lifetime. On the other hand: If she manages to damage Mr Obama bad enough so that Mr McCain enters the white house, she has good cards to win the democratic nomination in 2012, and Mr McCain is unlikely to stay a second term (given his age).

It's an interesting hypothesis. Anyhow, I should really get to sleep.

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Nico Waisman said...

Funny enough, its not a conspiracy theory.
I read an article about your brother told you on Newsweek or the Economist where they said that the strategy of Hillary if she doesn't won.
The strategy is not new, in the article they point out that Reagan did the same thing back in the 70ies and he won the presidency the next election.