Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Unbelievable but true

I am decompressing a bit after a few weeks of insane stress and thus I am actually reading blogs. And to my greatest surprise, I ended up reading this one. Now, Oracle security has never interested me ever since I tried to audit it in 2000 and it kept falling over without a fight (or without us really doing anything except sending a few letters to it), but I have to admit that Ms. Davidsons blog has a pretty high entertainment value (at least for me, a morallically degenerate piece of eurotrash full of the afterglow of a once good education system), AND it is refreshing to see someone with a bit of a classical education in IT security (I get picked upon regularly for the fact that I got my Latinum "on the cheap" and know jack shit about old greek - then again, my circle of friends includes a mathematician that claims that he can, by means of listening to a record, tell you in which church in france a certain piece of organ music was played, and hence I am always the loud and stupid one).

Anyhow, given Oracle's horrible code quality, I am very much positively surprised at the quality of Ms. Davidsons blog. And given what most people that have worked with static analysis tools before would describe as a horrible mistake in evaluating tool quality, I would like to mention that mathematics and geometry are part of a classical education. Whoever decided on the right source code analysis tool to use for detecting flaws in Oracle apparently failed that part.

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