Friday, March 31, 2006

This is cool.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My latest travel madness is over, and after 4 weeks on the road I am home again. The last week of that travelling I spent mostly sick -- that means I went to BlueHat for all the work and then had to skip all the fun. Furthermore, I learnt a bunch of interesting things concerning sinusitis and pressure changes during intercontinental flights.

Those that know me know I am a graph nerd (and by extension an OBDD nerd), so check
this paper for some more OBDD fun.
While you are doing your brain some good, you might as well read this paper -- it is fascinating and very useful at the same time.

Now, I am just enjoying the second day of my first "weekend" in a month -- I decided not to work for two days, and spent the first 34 hours of these two days in bed. Now I am cleaning my flat and will be reading some fun shit lateron (compact riemann surfaces perhabs?). Or I will call Ero and see if he is up for a round of Go.

I saw that Ilfak reads my BH presentations -- I am flattered and thus will need to try harder with them the next time.

One of the highlights of BlueHat was meeting a bunch of MS folks that I respect A LOT: Jon, Brandon, Alex, Pete, Jan -- thanks for being awesome.

I read many good things about OCaml recently, and a bunch of very interesting programs (ASTREE and SLAM/SDV) seem to be written in it. Can someone offer some comments on it ?