Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Vodafone virus dropped by today and brought us some mobile viruses to play with - thanks ! :-)

So cross-platform diffing can be fun -- Rolf ran a diff of Commwarrior.B against Commwarrior.C today, and while B is compiled for standard ARM, C is compiled in 'thumb mode', which is pretty much the same as being compiled for a different CPU (thumb means that all instructions are different).

The amusing result is that even though the compilation is for a different platform, we still get roughly 61% of the functions matched. And the functions, which are clearly the same on the 'structural' (e.g. flowgraph) - level, have completely different instructions, and manual inspection will confirm that these differing instructions end up doing the same.

For those of you that want to verify things manually, click here.

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