Monday, July 10, 2006

I know that I am going to draw the hate of many people for this post, but I refuse to think less of Zidane for the headbutt against Materazzi. As strange as it sounds, for some reason I am quite convinced that he must have had a good reason for this.

Nobody is mad enough to just headbutt an opponent in the worldcup finals in the last game of a legendary career unless he has a very good reason.

But well.


Christian Martorella said...

Even if Materazzi called him "moslim terrorist, your sister Lila is a b**ch, etc, etc" a player like Zidane must not react the way he did. The headbutt was predemeditated, because Zidane hitted Materazzi on the chest, so the italian player doesn't present blood or marks.
A pitty for a player like Zidane. :(

halvar.flake said...

If Materazzi did use a racial or ethnical slur, then the headbutt was one of the better possible answers -- in fact in that case I have to applaud Zidane for putting principle over his reputation. :)

halvar.flake said...

Btw, inprise: Any sources for that ? I have had a hard time to find _any_ information about what happened.