Saturday, August 04, 2007

I am quite famous for botching every marketing effort that we try to undertake at SABRE -- a prime example of my ineptitude is the fact that we released BinNavi v1.2 in ... uh ... January, with a ton of new stuff, and I still hadn't updated the website to show some nice pictures.

Similarly for BinDiff -- v2.0 beta has been used by many customers without a hitch, and is a big improvement on the UI front. So I finally got around to adding some nice pictures today.

Also, for those that are into the entire idea of malware classification, you can see some screenshots of VxClass, our unpacker-and-classifier (Disclosure: Before Spender writes a comment ;) about our unpacker's inability to handle TheMida and similar emulating packers, I will do so myself: We do not handle emulating packers at the moment! We do not reconstruct PEs ! But if you have a cool unpacker you can just upload the unpacked file to our classifier :)

So with this blog post it's confirmed: I am not only a failure at marketing, I am also a failure at attempting to pass off marketing as a regular blog post. Have a good weekend everyone !

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Nishad Herath said...

Hey Halvar,

Now this marketing problem of yours is what I call a "high quality problem" :p

Perhaps your singular focus on product development is what is motivating your beta users to promote your new products... Being human, we generally love to share what we're passionate about. At least I do (with a few exceptions of course - yes, we're social and selfish at the same time).

I think if you 're able to create products / services / art which people could feel passionate towards, you're already free from having to pedal the usual marketing rhetoric to a very significant extent.

Especially from an investment perspective, I for one welcome more "old fashioned" value creation as opposed to the more modern "pump and dump" entrepreneurism.

Have a great weekend dude!