Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh, before I forget: Ero & me will be presenting on our work on structural malware classification at RSA next week. If anyone wishes to schedule a meeting/demo of any of our things (VxClass/BinDiff/BinNavi), please do not hesitate to contact info@zynamics.com.

Some small eye candy: The screenshot shows BinNavi with our intermediate representation (REIL) made visible. While REIL is still very beta-ish, it should be a standard (and accessible) part of BinNavi at some point later this year.

Having a good IR which properly models side effects is a really useful thing to have: The guys over at the BitBlazer project in Berkeley have shown some really useful things that can be done using a good IR and a good constraint solver :-). I am positively impressed by several papers they have put out.

I also can't wait to have more of this sort of stuff in BinNavi :-).

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