Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zynamics Canada Tour, Complex analysis and my stupidity

Hey all -- I know I've been mostly quiet the last weeks. This was principally due to the combination of lots of work at work (the secretary is on vacation) and me having to take a couple of exams.

I can proudly proclaim that I passed my complex analysis / riemann surfaces exam today. I am not so proud of my performance -- some of the mistakes I made deserve getting my shins kicked. The final grade was pretty ok, I just really hate looking stupid in front of people I deem smart.

Anyhow, on to other news:

It's RECon time, and while I cannot attend due to a number of other obligations :-( our BinNavi lead developer Sebastian is attending. So if anyone that is attending RECon would like to have a demo of BinNavi v1.5 OR discuss the cool new things that BinNavi v2 will bring, make sure to drop a mail so that we can schedule something.

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