Thursday, February 05, 2009

Washington DC, Trainings, Demos :-)

Hey all,

I will be in Washington DC from the 16th to the 20th of February. Amongst other things, I will be teaching a course at Blackhat DC. The economic crisis is clearly hitting -- e.g. there are still seats available. We will also get around to using some of the nice features of BinNavi v2 in class, which I am looking forwards to.

Now, aside from the course: If you are in the DC area and interested in a product demo for BinDiff (and the upcoming DiffDeluxe), BinNavi v2 (including REIL), or the latest VxClass (now available as service and virtual appliance), do not hesitate to drop a line to :-)


Troff said...

I take it you've practiced going through immigration?

Reid said...

Servus, Halvar!

I am taking your training class next week. I had two tiny questions: 1) the class web page says that we need IDA 4.9. Is 5.4 okay? 2) does OS matter for the class? I am debating whether to take a linux, osx, or windows laptop (my windows laptop sucks, but if we are going to fire up a debugger it might be necessary).

(krwightm at the g-mail)