Monday, March 09, 2009

Reverse Engineering / Bug hunting trainings in Amsterdam

Hey all,

I haven't given a reverse engineering trainings class in Amsterdam for a few years, but this year is different :-) -- I will be at BH Amsterdam, and there are still seats open in the trainings class for April 14th and 15th.

What will be done in the course ? Well, for one thing, we'll go bug-hunting in some interesting piece of code. Furthermore, we'll talk quite a bit about C++ and it's effects in the binary. We'll do a fair bit of differential debugging, some more bug-hunting, and a lot of IDA automation. Questions like
  • given a C++ executable, how do I recover an inheritance diagram of the classes ?
  • given a big and ugly executable, how do I find the interesting places to focus on ?
  • how do I make sure IDAPython and NaviPython make my life easier ?
will be treated thoroughly.

So, if you still have some trainings/travel budget left in spite of the crisis, you can find more
details here.


Nate McFeters said...

My training budget is at request only this year... which means a request to Amsterdam would likely be put down. Honestly, if a guy like me asked you to give him a free ride to Amsterdam, you'd say no, too.

I'm looking forward to catching you though, next trip to the states.

Unknown said...

Hi hal. Just stumbled upon your blog. Come a long way since c4n and ol. Just thought I'd say hi :]


halvar.flake said...

Hey Tin,

holy cow LTNS. Drop me email !