Thursday, August 20, 2009

Open position :-)

Hey all,

we have an open full-time position in our office in Bochum, Germany -- in essence, a vuln-dev-using-BinDiff-and-BinNavi-position.

What are the tasks in this job ?
  • Use BinNavi and BinDiff to find bugs in software & write exploits
  • Test BinNavi/BinDiff features. Test them some more.
  • Provide feedback to the developers about the tools
  • Write up your results
  • (Potentially) train clients in the use of the tools
We're looking for someone that has some experience in RE and vuln-dev.

What we can offer:
  • A no-bullshit environment
  • Small team, good mood in the office :-)
  • Direct influence over the development of the tools
  • Probably more than that, but it is late and I am tired
If you're interested, please send email to

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BuschnicK said...

You forgot to mention Sushi mondays and the chance to bug Tim with them!