Saturday, September 05, 2009

Restaurant Review: "Le Surfing", Les Estagnots

Hey all,

I know it is a bit odd to post restaurant reviews on this RE-centric blog, but ... err ... I'll do it anyhow.

So I am currently on my vacation (yay) in southwestern france -- close to Seignosse/Hossegor. On my search for wifi, I ran into a place called "Le Surfing", which is a small ... well ... surf-bar (?) at the beach "Les Estagnots".

The place is definitely pretty damn relaxed -- it seems that a bunch of folks that want to be at the beach decided the easiest way to finance it is through this bar. When I first walked in, I was greeted with "hey, there's a customer, we need someone behind the bar".

So tonight I decided to eat here. After trying to order the Thai-style beef salad, the waitress convinced me that it's saturday, and on saturdays they have sushi, and I absolutely have to eat their sushi. So I ordered their sushi.

And I didn't regret it. It's rather unorthodox -- e.g. it features rice, raw fish, nori, wasabi, and soy sauce, but I wouldn't describe it as traditional sushi. Not that this is bad: I had a stellar roll that consisted of crab meat, a mild goat cream cheese, cucumer, and bell pepper. There was some tuna, fresh crevettes, an onion-heavy-salad, and various other things.

All in all, it was really good. Seriously.

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dan said...

You should also check out the Cream Café in Seignosse, plage des Bourdaines. It's a few kilometers north of the Estagnots, cool ambiance too and some live bands perform there occasionnally.

Have a nice stay in the best part of France ^^